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Relevant Work Experience

Freelance Technical Artist/Tools Developer and Consultant. (2008-)

Creating and maintaining tools development for different departments in the 3D production pipeline.
Clients include:

CTO and R&D Lead, Snowball VFX, Israel. (2005-2008)

Lead and developed the studio's pipeline tools and systems: asset management and automation tools, post production task management application.
Created project specific solutions and tools.
Projects included: Vipo - Advantures of a Flying Dog, FIFA - World Cup 2006 Coca-Cola Promotion, SciFi Channel Animals Bumpers, Insight Broadband TV Commercials.

FX Artist and TD, DPSI, Israel. (2003-2004)

I was involved with research and development, special effects development and creation, wrote scripts for Maya and 3ds Max. In addition, modeled, textured and rigged objects for different projects.
Projects included: Happily N'ever After, Monster By Mistake, Star Point Academy Teaser, Cabbage Patch Kids Video Clip.

3D Artist, RichFX Inc., New York, NY. (1999-2001)

Created low-poly models and animations for the web using 3ds Max and the proprietary RichFX encoder ( Created max-scripts for pipeline and automation improvements.
Projects included: Friendly Robotics - Robomower, web catalog for Coach, Neiman Marcus - Manolo Blahnik Shoe Boutique.

3D Artist and video technician, Meirav video productions, Israel. (1999)

Created 3D animations for production, managed and serviced editing suites.


Camera Obscura school of arts, Israel.

Film Dept. 1999-2000.

Real Time, Israel.

School of computer animation. 1997.



  • 3D Studio MAX (including Max script)
  • Maya (including MEL and Python)
  • Renderman (including basic shader development)

Other Scripting/Development Languages

  • HTML and JavaScript
  • PHP, mySQL

Compositing and Editing

  • Shake
  • Fusion
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere

Image Manipulation and Creation

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP/2000/NT/9x/DOS
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X


Freelance Technical Artist

  • “Our company hired Ofer to develop a specific pipeline tool for 3dsmax. Ofer's work was very professional throughout the entire process, from prototyping and conceptualizing, up to bug fixing and revisions. He provided innovative technical solutions and worked closely with our technical directors to implement them. I would definitely consider Ofer for future projects.”
    Rotem Shiffman,
    hired Ofer as a Tool Developer in 2010
  • “I came to Ofer with a urgent request to generate a maxscript within a few days. He was very professional in his responses to me, clearly demonstrating his expertise in the 3D technical domain. His turnaround time to deliver the script was very impressive, and the final product was extremely well put together including clear commenting and structure. Overall I would highly recommend Ofer for any technical 3D work and I plan on contacting him again if/when the need arises.”
    Jon Burns,
    hired Ofer as a Freelance technical 3D in 2010
  • “Ofer recently completed a job for us here at hi5.
    As soon as I sent him the outline of the project he had so many questions and really showed interest in our project. I was impressed at how quickly he was able to give me a working version to test with. The suggestions he had for the tool were outstanding as well, it made the tool much more easy to work with on my end.
    All of the bugs/issues I sent back to him were easily handled as he is a top shelf maxscript technician. If I ever run into a situation where I need a tool written in maxscript, I will contact Ofer above all else.
    BTW, Ofer works remotely and it was never an issue, never felt like he was out of touch, or hard to get a hold of. Highly recommend.”
    Manny Marquez,
    hired Ofer as a Maxscript writer in 2009
  • “I have reached Ofer through internet and I couldn't have been luckier than that. He works straight to the point, very consciously, that's why it's impressive how fast he answers our demand always doing the right job and sometimes even better than what we expected. I would highly recommend him as a very good professional but especially because it's very clear that he knows very well the script language.”
    Bruno Jacobsohn,
    hired Ofer as a Script Programing in 2008
    Freelance tools developer

Freelance tools developer - Animation Lab

  • “While working at Animation Lab we outsourced some of our tools programming to Ofer. He proved to be really helpful for our team. He has shown the motivation, intelligence, preserving nature and analytical aptitude. He is extremely co-operative with superb problem solving abilities. Ofer is a very talented programmer who knows how to keep deadlines and concentrate on essentials.”
    Jami Levesque,
    hired Ofer as a Tools Developer in 2008
  • “I had an honor to work with Ofer during my duty as rendering supervisor in AnimationLab. His expertise and ingenuity led to couple of major breakthroughs in a number of most critical problems we faced and thanks to this we were able to produce better than expected tools in record time. He was pleasure to work with, always open to suggestions and real team worker, always finding time to help everybody. I highly recommend Ofer for any CG development and production team.”
    Vuk Epstein, Rendering TD, Animation Lab
    worked directly with Ofer at AnimationLab

CTO and Lead R&D - Snowball

  • “Ofer is the most talented TD I`ve worked with! he has the ability to look at a process or a workflow and come up with a set of tools to make it easy to work with and manage. His main task was setting up the pipeline in snowball managing another programmer, implementing the new tools and workflows and maintaining them. He is a key asset to any serious studio interested in progressing forward.
    I hope to see Ofer back in our ranks!”
    Yoni Cohen, Founder/Studio Director, snowball VFX
    managed Ofer at snowball | VFX

Special FX Artist - DPSI

  • “Ofer is that one guy you want on your team, he's way of thinking and looking at problems is intriguing and leads to simple solutions.
    Ofer is a true problems solver, and as any company/team that had to deliver on a tight deadline knows, this is the guy who you turn to when the hours are getting short and things behave oddly.”
    Dror Lazar, Production Manager and FX Supervisor, DPSI
    managed Ofer at DPSI